Get your website done.

I know all the “reasons” you don’t have your website up. I know you know that it is just ugly and that’s why you have not updated it. I know you are dazed and confused by the constant barrage of information, solicitation and pressure to maximize your web presence. I know that if you are a small business, a blogger (or at least want to be a blogger), a professional, a small organization and you don’t have a website that there are several reasons. You may now get the individual attention you need to set it up! By me, not some “user-friendly” wizard. Not only can I develop a brand new website and set you up 100% in the digital world, social media, etc. I also can revamp your current website. Is your website clunky? Did you fill out a wizard and were underwhelmed because it didn’t look like the ad? I have been designing, building, fixing, configuring, tweaking, beautifying and creating websites since 2001.
I am proficient in all web languages, but I only specialize in the basic web technology that is not a ‘flash’ in the pan.

Lets talk. (You remember that media right?) I’m ok to chat, text email, blog, Facebook, twitter, Instagram too.

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