Get Your Website Designed and Devloped by DLC

My Specialty is affordable web solutions via Content Management System Website Creation. These websites are specially monitorengineered for small business, entrepreneurs, professionals, bloggers, small online e-stores, landing pages, organizations, congregations, families, youth groups and more. From design to functions, a website should help you achieve your goals. Properly built, a website will help you increase sales and expose your business to thousands of new clients. Whether you’re starting a complete new brand identity, or refining an existing website, my professional web design and web developer skills are honed in to assist you personally throughout the entire process from start to finish.  
Service Beyond Extraordinary
Top Features include:
  • content management — you and your staff can add new content (text, images, and videos) to your website, and modify existing content
  • user-generated content — engage better with your visitors by allowing them to add their own content. It is also very user friendly
  • site structure — have an unlimited number of pages, accessible through a logically-organized navigation menu
  • image gallery — upload and display multiple images, and add images to slideshows, mosaics and more...
  • secure contact — allow visitors to contact you, without giving out your e-mail address
  • social media interaction - you can post to your site news page and it will post to all your social media accounts
  • support - phone, email, online and in person by *appointment

Design Packages